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I promised you an update, so here it is, even if it is a little late. As you already know, I went to NAYC this past week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We all had a blast, but we also had an awesome time in the Holy Ghost. There were over 22,000 Apostolic Pentecostals there for one reason: to worship God. I have some pictures then I will tell you what we learned about.

This was the theme.
This is inside the KFC Center. Over 22,000 people!!
This is my youth group at Project 22:39. We were picking up trash and clearing out a place for a new park!!
There were people being baptized in the swimming pools in the hotels!! 
We had some awesome services!! This was Wednesday night.
NAYC13 Thursday Night
This was Thursday night. Bro. Gaddy talked about the heritage that Pentecostals have and how important it is to carry it on.

NAYC13 Friday Night
This was Friday night. Bro. Cortt Chavis talked about how ready the harvest is but how few the laborers are.
(All pictures from UPCI, GYD and InsideOut  websites)

Wednesday was the official first day of NAYC. Once we registered, we headed for the hotels to get ready for church. Bro. Shay Mann talked about "Speaking For Yourself." We need to stand up for what we believe in. We can't let others dictate to us what we believe in and how we believe in it. That was a great opening to a fantastic week.

On Thursday, there was a JumpStart that got us awake and alert and then the General Session. Bro. David McGovern preached on "Above All, the Call". When you have a call of God on your life, it comes first. Everything must go by the wayside because God has called you to do a specific task for Him and through Him. As Bro. McGovern said, and I quote, "Don't let your calling die by the death of distraction. Nothing is worth missing your calling!" Whatever God has called you to, never let anything get in the way of that. That night, we had an awesome message by Bro. Tim Gaddy on "The Three Altars." (Exodus 20:22-24) The Altar of Marriage, The Altar of Heritage and The Altar of Supernatural Demonstration. It matters who we marry, he stated, because of the huge heritage we have. we cannot give up something that we didn't start! Young people need to find their spouses at the altar!!! 

So now I come to the final day of NAYC. Friday. In the General Session, Bro. Maroney spoke on the "Day of Deliverance." When Jesus shows up, no matter what is holding you, it has to go!! He also spoke of the importance of commitment. If we are not 100% committed to God, then we will go nowhere when it comes to THE call and our walk with God. We MUST be committed!! In the Friday night service, we had an incredible move of God. Bro. Cortt Chavis preached "The Divine Balance Between The Fork and The Field." (John 4:5) You have good church, you shout and sing praises.... but what happens after church? Sitting at the table and eating all time, is not what God intended us to do. The harvest ready, but the laborers are very few. We need to get out into the field and start working!!! While we are working in the field, we just can't work all the time, we also must eat. That's where the "balance" comes in. We must go out and witness, but we also need to go to church and get refreshed and filled up again. As Bro. Chavis said, "You need to kick off your Toms and put on your Timberlands. You need to get rid of the suit and put on some overalls!" This movement is about more than just us. We need to get in the fields and start working!! This world is ready for Apostolic Pentecostals, but are we ready for them?

There were so many more sessions and such, I could go on forever! It was absolutely phenomenal, it was like nothing I have ever seen before. It was so awesome!!:)

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