Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Who You Are

For all the girls out there suffering from depression, self-esteem issues, guilt, and so on, this is for you. 

I'll admit it, I shed a few tears... ok, maybe a lot of tears.  No matter who you think you are, you are loved.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

You Were Born For This!!

This is one of my favorite songs.
Sometimes we wonder why we are where we are.
Or maybe we don't quite understand why God isn't opening a certain door for us.
What if God has us just where He wants us so that He can use us?
God is telling us, "You are right here for a reason. This moment, this point in life is what you were born for."
And even when we don't understand, sometimes we have to "stand apart from the crowd. Sometimes you gotta move when everybody else says you should stay."
"You were born for this!!"

No matter where you are or what you're going through, just remember, you were put there for such a time as this. 
Take this opportunity to witness. Be a light to the world.
Be brave, be bold. 
Stand up
And go uninvited.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Calling

The Calling
By: Sara Howell
I feel you tugging, pulling
Ever so gently
What is this you say?
No, no. I am not made for that.
I hear you answer
Ever so softly
Yes, you are. I created you.
You are made for this purpose
And no other will do
I push You away
I am not ready for this
I hear You whisper
Ever so lightly
Yes, my child, you are
Mustard seed size faith is all I need
And your love for Me will get you through
You have been refined for many years
And now, you are ready.
I feel You tugging, pulling
Ever so gently
And I surrender
No more fear, no more doubt
I watch Your work
Forever awed
Forever surrendered

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Submit the Broken Pieces


This is the story of my life. I have been broken and my pieces were scattered on the ground. But God saw my broken pieces and thought, "I can use those pieces. If I mend a little here and put this piece here, I can make this a masterpiece." But He soon discovers that most of the pieces are missing.

Sometimes, when we have pieces of our life that are ugly, we try to hide them from God. The pieces of hatred, anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness, we don't think God can use them. But He does. He needs every piece of our lives so that He can make us a masterpiece.

Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together and find that there are pieces missing? You're so frustrated because this puzzle can no longer be perfect like you planned it.
That's the same way God feels when He wants to use you, but He can't because pieces are missing.
We have to submit every single piece to God so that He can mend them into a masterpiece.

Once we have submitted every single piece to God, He can create a masterpiece. Then He can use you in ways you would have never imagined. In place of all that ugly stuff, He will give you joy and peace and contentment.

It will be painful and it will probably be one of the hardest things you've ever done, but it will be worth it.
Yes, you will have scars, but that will all be part of your testimony. You can tell the world, "Look, this is where I came from, this is what God did for me and He can do the same for you."

Submit every piece to Him. Every single ugly piece. Don't hold back anything, give it all. God will use your testimony and you will be amazed at how God will use you.