Thursday, June 27, 2013

Camp Pictures

I went to Church Camp this last week and I had a blast!! I came home late last Friday night dog tired, but it was totally worth it!! There were about 300 students and 100 staff on the campgrounds. Here are a few pictures from that amazing week. We had some awesome services, but we also had some amazing games :) If you have never been to a Pentecostal church service before, you are about to see little of how they go and what they are about. First, here comes the choir!!

This was the choir Monday night... and pretty much every night!! Singing: Like a Fire
This is Wednesday night... I am in the gray jacket with purple skirt. Singing: Victor's Crown
These two pictures pretty much say it all: choir was one of the best parts of camp!

Now... a peek into the amazing church services!!

This, my friend, is what camp is all about!! Welcome to a Pentecostal youth service!! (There's me again)
Same amazing service on Wednesday!
This was the preacher the whole week.. Bro. Tony.. He was awesome!
What an anointed preacher!!

For the fun stuff....

This is one of the weird crazy things we did. We were given an egg and we had to make a contraption to protect it when the staff dropped it off the scissor lift in the tabernacle. It was a very interesting experiment:)
 We so many more games and lots more fun, but if I posted every picture, this post would never end. Just one more thing.....


I was a Camper of the Year Nominee, along with some of my wonderful girl friends.. (I'm in the pink shirt)
These are our wonderful staff members.. my youth leader got Staff of the Year, the one in the orange jacket.

Hurray for Sis Turley!!!

So that's what went on at Senior Youth Camp this year! This and so, so much more. In my next post, I will tell you what we learned about in our day classes, our rallies and our services. 

Over all, this has been the best camp ever!!!


  1. oh, yeah, my sister went to church camp, she's actually coming home this afternoon! But it looks like an amazing experience!

    1. Yes, Camp is definetly an amazing experience! Too bad it only happens once a year:)