Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is There Room for Jesus?

I have a very busy schedule, especially during the school year. I try to fit in all 7 of my classes, chores, babysitting, church, God, ASL, friends, exercise and sleep into 24 hours. Often times, God is at the bottom of my to-do list. He gets acknowledged after I get all my schoolwork done, maybe get a little exercise and maybe text my friends for a while. I do this A LOT. God should be the first person I acknowledge in the morning and the last person I talk to at night. I often make the excuse "I don't have time to sit down and read my Bible." But time really isn't the issue, here. Its how we use it. You can choose to text a friend first thing in the morning or you can choose to read God's Word. You can choose to read a book or you can choose to talk to God. In the midst of the hectic schedule of summer and especially the school year, do you have room for God in that schedule? Do you have a time set aside just for you and God? No I-pod, no phone, no computer. Just you and God. I often have a hard time finding time for God and His Word in my busy schedule and even if a do have a certain time set aside, I tend to skip it for something more "important." But nothing is more important than spending time with Jesus. So get out your schedule and make room for Jesus to today!

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