Friday, September 20, 2013

Inspiration From the Kitchen

We all get our inspiration from different places. Some from Pintrest, others from Instagram. Some of us go outside and get our inspiration from nature, others go into the city.

I don't get my inspiration form any of these things. Instead I get my inspiration from the kitchen. I know, that sounds really weird, but its true. If I have to write something for school, I'll go the kitchen and clean it. Within the first five or ten minutes, I will have something to write about. The other day, I was cleaning the kitchen, but not for inspiration, and I got the idea for this poem. I haven't edited since I wrote it, so there are probably some grammar errors, but try to ignore them. :)

A Letter From God

I want to shape you and mold you
But your hands are blocking my way
I want to take you further
But you hold up a stop sign
I want to use you
But I do not have all of you
I want to give you everything
But you are giving me nothing
I want to life you up
But you push me away
I want to comfort you
But you put up walls
I want to do so much
But you are giving me so little
I want to fix the broken pieces
But you are holding them close
I want to heal you
But you cringe at my touch
I want to do so much
But you give me so little

Can I have all of you? Every broken piece and shattered dream? Will you take down the walls? Will you give me all of your heart?