Thursday, February 7, 2013


You want me to forgive them? After what they just did to me? I already forgave them once! 

Forgiveness is something that none of us want to do, but how can God use us if so much of our lives and hearts is consumed with bitterness? 
How can I forgive them when it hurts so much? 

Look what Jesus said when He was on the cross. He had been beaten, mocked and was now suffering the worst possible punishment for crime in the Bible. 

"They know not what they do." What does this mean? They knew exactly what they were doing. Jesus didn't hold them responsible. Did you read that? 

I know it's not easy and is probably one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life, it is a very important part of your walk with God. The more you hold a grudge and say "it hurts too much" the more it is going to hurt. Unforgiveness is like rubbing dirt in a deep wound thinking you'll make feel better. The more dirt you rub in, the more sore it becomes and the more infected it becomes. That's what we are doing when we hold a grudge. When we forgive, it is like that wound is being washed out and bandaged. When we forgive, the healing can finally begin. Just because we forgive, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. It is still going to hurt, but it will begin to heal and soon, the pain will begin to fade. Sometimes, the pain never goes away, but forgiveness allows us to move on with out lives. Then, the space that was taken up with bitterness can now be used of God and believe me, He will fill it up in ways that you never thought possible.

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